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7 Easy & Natural Energy Boosters

Did you know there are perfectly natural ways to boost your energy without relying on drugs, drinks, medications, or other substances? The human body is a naturally smart and powerful machine, and you can encourage your body to call upon its own energy reserves by simply using your own inner resources. It may sound incredible, but there is a good chance that you already do some of these things even if you do not realize it. If you want to give yourself a simple, natural energy boost, here are some things you can do.

  1. Stand up: If you work at a desk and you often find yourself sinking into a late-day malaise, you do not have to let your weariness win. Set up your office so that you can perform your work standing up when you choose to. You might be surprised by the physical and mental boost you get just from getting up on your feet for a few minutes. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to move around a little, which burns more calories than sitting still.
  2. Exercise: In the short term, getting out and exercising will undoubtedly sap some of your energy. But in the long term, integrating a consistent exercise regime into your daily life will give improve your health, give you a stronger heart, and build your muscles. All of these contribute to an all-around higher energy level.
  3. Eat snacks: You are probably familiar with that sluggish feeling that many of us get after eating a large meal. That happens because taking in so much food in such a short time causes the body to divert its resources to the digestive system, which leaves the other systems underenergized. But there is no reason why you ever have to eat a meal so large. Having smaller snacks and meals at regular intervals throughout the day is better for the metabolism an keeps the energy up.
  4. Do fun things: No matter what you find enjoyable, indulging in those things at least once a day is great for your energy level. For example, if you like to dance, take a few minutes every day to dance without inhibition. The activity releases endorphins, which are good for the brain and give you an energy boost.
  5. Let go of things: Many of us get dragged down in worrying about things that we cannot change. All this unneeded stress can really sap the energy level, not to mention the negative effects it has on mood. If you want to increase your energy, make a conscious effort to let go of things that cannot be changed. Keep moving forward, rather than wallowing in the negative past.
  6. Get fresh air: Clean air and warm sunshine are great for the mood, and they also have real physiological benefits in the form increased oxygen in the blood and higher levels of serotonin and Vitamin D. Do not go a day without taking at least a brief walk through a pleasant area with trees, nature, and sun.
  7. Breathe deeply: Of course, we are always breathing whether we are conscious of it or not. But we can benefit by periodically focusing on the breath and making an effort to draw more air deeper into the lungs. This helps deliver oxygen to the blood, slows the heart rate, and improves circulation, all of which give a nice energy boost.

By Lisa Pecos

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