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7 Natural Libido-Boosters (that Are Healthy, Too)

By Lisa Pecos

Everyone knows that the modern lifestyle can wear out the body in numerous ways. But because our culture tends toward prudishness around the topics of sex and reproduction, we often overlook the negative effects our lifestyles have on our sex lives. It should go without saying that a fast-paced lifestyle with bad food, minimal exercise, and persistent stress can be harmful to this aspect of life. And though we like to sweep these problems under the rug, it is important to realize that one’s sex life is interconnected with one’s mental, physical, and spiritual health. A health plan that does not take sex and libido into account is incomplete.

So, for anyone who strives to live both healthfully and naturally, let us look at some natural ways to boost your libido and inject some vigor into your sex life.

1. Relaxation: Let us begin with what may be the simplest natural libido-booster. If your sex life has been dull lately, it could be because you have too much going on and you have not taken the time to slow down and relax. Stress is the biggest libido-killer there is. Make a plan to get some relaxation. There are countless ways to do this. Try refraining from work and work-related communication in the evenings and on weekends. Get outdoors more. Take long baths. Read books. Spend quality time with your spouse or family. Whatever works for you, make it part of your life.

2. Get fit: If you are displeased with the sight of your own body in the mirror and are uncomfortable being naked even around your spouse, this is obviously going to have disastrous effects on your sex life, and it may kill your sex drive entirely. Getting fit takes work, but imagine how great you will feel when you can stand to be around yourself without clothes on. And let us not forget another important fact: A well-trained body is capable of a higher level of performance in the bedroom.

3. Build self-esteem: Of course, this point follows naturally from the previous one, but it should be taken separately. Self-esteem is not just about looking good; it is also a state of mind. Cultivate a positive attitude about yourself. Refrain from being hard on yourself about things. Think of yourself as deserving of happiness, health, and pleasure. If you can do this, your sex life will be more satisfying.

4. Get your vitamins: Whether you notice it or not, what you eat does have a great effect on your sex drive. If you eat nothing but nutrient-deficient processed foods, you will feel languid when it comes to sex. However, if you fill your diet with a good variety of fruits, vegetables, and other vitamin-rich foods, it will translate into a high level of energy in your sex life.

5. Drink in moderation: We are all aware of the aphrodisiac effects of wine, which cannot be denied. Keep in mind, however, that drinking too much can have disastrous effects when it comes to sex. A single bottled shared between both partners is more than enough. Other alcoholic beverages can have similar effects, but stay away from heavier drinks such as beer and calorie-intensive mixed drinks.

6. Aphrodisiac foods: There is much myth and untruth surrounding the concept of aphrodisiacal foods, but some of what you have heard is legitimate. Dark chocolate, for example, contains chemicals that stimulate several portions of the brain in just the right ways. Similarly, oysters, basil, avocados, and asparagus all have proven libido-boosting qualities.

7. Herbal libido boosters: Herbs are notoriously inconsistent in their effects. Gingko biloba, for instance, might have powerful libido-boosting effects on one person while having absolutely no effect on someone else. The only way to find what works for you is to try different things. Start with gingko, which is indeed good for the sex drive, and move on to kava kava, ginseng, and chives.

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