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Avoid the Heart Burn

ALTHOUGH fit guys are less likely to experience heartburn than their big-bellied brethren, exercise itself can sometimes trigger an indigestion attack. Before you say, I can’t believe lifted the whole thing, University of New Mexico exercise physiologist Robert Robergs, Ph.D. offers these tips for avoiding the acid burn:

  • Don’t eat large amounts of fat and protein less than two hours before a workout. You need to eat right before exercising, make it light and carb-centric. Save the protein for afterward.
  • Cut down on toads such as citrus, chocolate, onions, minis, spicy foods and caffeinated drinks.
  • Dilute your sports drinks. High-carb beverages during a workout can increase your chance of heartburn.
  • Drink plenty of water before and during exercise. Warning: In rare occasions, what seems like heartburn during an exercise session can actually indicate angina or a heart attack. If you suspect any possibility of this, get help immediately.