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Cancer–You Are What you Eat?

My husband and I went to a dinner party this past Saturday where one of our good friends (and his wife) served an amazing five course feast, each was paired with the best wine and it was all delicious. The guests were raving the dinner, and the conversation turned into food in general. We started talking about buying organically–that if you do, it gives you one more chance in not getting cancer.

Now, I’ve always felt that I’m a healthy eater. I’m by no means extremist, but I always serve my family a square meal with veggies. However, buying organically, or reading labels, is not something that I do very often. But, as we talked this past Saturday night, it made me realize that I need to start paying better attention. The host told us that his dad had a heart attack 20 years ago, and was recently diagnosed with bladder cancer. The combination of these two things, plus his passion for cooking,┬áhas lead him (the host) to strive for eating healthier. This includes buying organic products, and making sure that he’s eating his fill of cancer fighting food.

But I digress–going back to me paying more attention. . . Last September a cancerous tumor was found in my (at the time) nine month old daughter. It was removed, and then residual cancer was found in December. It too was removed and she’s been in the clear since. I feel like she’s been given a second chance on life, and it’s up to me (since she’s only a toddler) to make sure she lives it as healthy as she can. So, I’m going to start reading labels, and making sure that I buy not what’s healthy (I’ve been doing that), but what’s healthily manufactured–if you can put a blanket term on it.

What do you do in your home?

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