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Chew on this – The Wonders Of Bread

by Mike Carlson

NEXT TIME THAT basket of bread arrives while you’re waiting for your eggplant pizzicato, go for coarse grains that are high in fiber (made with whole wheat). You may reduce your chances of overeating.

A recent study reported in the newsletter Environmental Nutrition had participants rate the effects of seven different breads on appetite. The breads varied in fiber, protein, water, and fat content as well as coarseness. The bread rated most satisfying was low in fat and high in moisture (five times more satiating than white bread). Next came bread rich in fiber, bread high in protein and fiber, and coarse white breads. High-protein, fruit, and white breads brought up the rear.

The more satisfying a bread was rated, the fewer calories subjects ate at a later buffet, and for the remainder of the day. Researchers concluded that the more satisfying breads stimulated receptors in the pharynx and the gut, signaling the brain to control appetite.

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