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Creative Visualization & Relaxation (CVR) for Cancer Patients

The very word cancer strikes fear in people around the world. Utter fear, depression, hopelessness and a feeling of intense negativity can grip the unfortunate person who has been diagnosed with a form of cancer. It has been talked about that a positive state of mind and optimistic outlook can help patients. However it can be incredibly difficult to sustain these positive mind states when facing such frightening possibilities and coping with the trauma and stress of treatment. Understandably the patient can be consumed with negative thinking which can actually make the side effects of treatment worse plus debilitate the immune system.

There is help now in the form of Creative Visualization and Relaxation (CVR) in the form of therapy sessions and also ‘brain entertainment’. CVR does not replace medical treatment but used in tandem it can maximise the healing effects of the treatment.

Mentally and physically CVR functions on many levels eradicating harmful stress-induced hormones. In a mental way, CVR creates deep relaxation which then causes the body to release a bunch of natural neuro-chemicals that can quicken the healing process. The immune system is strengthened and the body is given a big boost in the patient’s fight against cancer.

Physically, CVR helps the cells fight against the cancer. It also helps the patient alleviate some of the stress and anxiety and therefore instil more of a positive attitude and outlook. It can enable the patient to take more control of their recovery reducing the feeling of helplessness when diagnosed and through treatment.

Brain Entertainment can also be used in conjunction with CVR sessions. It enhances the benefits of CVR. It uses sound and light machines with glasses and earphones. There are four common brainwaves; beta, alpha, theta and delta. They are always active in the brain but in different patterns according to what state you are in; relaxed, stressed, busy, asleep or emotional for examples. The dominant brainwave pattern rules your state of awareness at any given time. When finely tuned light and sound frequencies are synchronised to the left and right sides of the brain they produce full-spectrum brainwave activity for a deep state of relaxation.

By putting the cancer patient’s brain into a deep meditative state, brain entertainment tools enable the patient to relax and in turn, allow the body to let its natural healing processes kick in and help with recovery. The light and sound glasses are advanced medical technologies but are very simple to use. Patients can plug them into an MP3 player and twenty minutes of the brain entertainment is the equivalent to four hours of sleep.

Brain entertainment and CVR promote and inspire the positive thought patterns and states of mind that the patient sorely needs to cope with treatment and reduce negative emotions. It helps create the best environment for the healing process. Just twenty minutes to an hour a day of listening to brainwave entertainment MP3s is highly affective and cancer patients can reap the rewards.

Creative Visualization and Relaxation proves that you have the power within to promote self healing. It aids the patient to search within and grasp their inner courage and strength to cope with diagnosis and treatment of cancer. With the more positive outlook and feeling of relaxation it helps the patient accept the love and support from their friends and family.

By Eirian Hallinan

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