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Dry Skin Requires Particular Care & Attention

As with oily skin, dry skin poses its own set of requirements and problems so needs special care and attention. Dry skin needs to be regularly moisturized and protected to avoid common problematic conditions that this skin type is susceptible to. Most skin creams of good quality that offer sufficient moisture and protection are unfortunately, rather expensive. Many people do not realize that nature offers help and remedies that do not come with an extortionate price tag and are readily available.

  • Consume plenty of water! This keeps your body hydrated and can allay dry skin conditions considerably. You can drink up to 1.5 litres of water per day but any more can be detrimental as important nutrients will be flushed out
  • A glass of milk, warmed and with a teaspoon of almond oil before bedtime can really help moisturize dry skin
  • Moisturizer lotions for adults often contain lots of chemicals that can actually make your skin drier! Baby lotion is best as it is more gentle on your skin
  • Rubbing honey all over your body five to ten minutes before you bathe is wonderful for your skin as it is one of the best natural moisturizers. Best not to sit on the sofa though!
  • Think of Cleopatra and other ancient queens who bathed in milk. It is true that soaking in a bath of milk and warm water can do wonders for your skin
  • After you shower you can rub sesame oil all over your body instead of expensive creams
  • Avocado oil and coconut oil are also great for dry skin
  • Avocados can be made into a paste and can be used on the face and body to nourish your skin
  • A successful way to say goodbye to dry skin is to blend some oatmeal, baking soda and vanilla extract into a paste and mix it into the bath along with warm water. Soak in the mixture as long as you can and your skin will be beautifully moisturized. You may feel like your bathing in a bowl of cereal but the results will be worth it!
  • Rubbing oatmeal on your hands before washing them can keep your mitts smooth and soft
  • Petroleum jelly is an old classic remedy for dry lips, hands and feet
  • Glycerine oil is also a great remedy for dry skin conditions
  • Air conditioning is not good for your skin but if you cannot avoid sitting in it all day, say at work, you can have a humidifier in the room too or if this is not available then a half filled bucket of water next to you does the trick in humidifying the air
  • Shower and bathe in warm water rather than hot. Hot water although comforting in the winter, actually dries your skin out
  • Use natural soaps instead of other soaps which often contain harsh chemicals
  • Wear rubber gloves when you are doing the washing up as the detergents you use are harmful to the skin on your hands and in time your hands will feel rough and start to crack. You can always change your washing-up liquid to one that is kinder to your hands
  • Wear gloves in cold weather as the cold can dry out your skin
  • Consume plenty of oily fish like salmon which is rich in essential fatty acids and also helps to alleviate dry skin
  • The inside of a banana skin can be rubbed on dry and cracked heels to remove dry skin
  • Mashed ripe bananas are fantastic as a face pack
  • Eat lots of fruit
  • Stop smoking as it is the worst thing you can do to your skin and general health
  • Maintain a regular exercise routine. When you sweat it unblocks your pores, allowing the natural oils in your skin to surface and helps hydrate your skin
  • Get plenty of sleep. Ideally eight hours of uninterrupted sleep per night should be achieved

Lack of sleep, water, fruit, exercise and maintaining general good health will very quickly have a negative impact on your skin but with a little effort and not too much expense you can have beautifully hydrated and moisturized skin.

By Eirian Hallinan

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