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Meet Dr. Nancy Gahles. She’s the president of the National Center for Homeopathy. Find out how homeopathy can easily and safely prevent and heal minor ailments like colds, coughs, flu, earaches and sore throats.

Inner Health through Homeopathy Radio Show

( December 18, 2008 ) In November 2008 a panel of FDA advisers voted in favor of a proposal that children under the age of 6 should not be given cold or cough medicines, because they have not proven to be effective or safe.

Medical experts agree. Dr. Michael Shannon, a pediatrician with Children’s Hospital Boston and professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical is delighted. “These drugs are not effective. They do not work to relieve the symptoms of a cold.” Meanwhile the risks are real; more than 500 million doses are administered annually and the two primary problems are overdosing and ill effects from mixing different medications.

Dr. Daniel Rausch, director of the pediatric hospital program for New York University , underlined these concerns saying that cold medicine is only effective at doses that are too strong to be safe for young children.

What to do? Homeopathy offers a risk-free, gentle and effective alternative for helping children and adults recover from coughs, colds, flu, earaches, sore throat and other minor ailments.

Host Jenny Hwozdek, certified homeopathic practitioner and educator, presents tools to help even a newcomer to homeopathy choose remedies to help winter’s ills.

Dr. Nancy Gahles, certified homeopath and chiropractor, explains the signs and symptoms of the flu. She offers practical information on choosing remedies for specific symptoms and the benefits of using more general remedies, oscillococcinum and influenzium, at the first sign of flu symptoms or when exposed to the virus. She discusses the four most commonly used remedies – nux vomica, arsenicum, eupatorium, and gelsemium and the symptom pictures the user needs to “match” for optimal results.

Two grandmothers share their stories about using homeopathy at home with amazing results. They offer practical advice on the types of ailments they treat and what they look for in choosing remedies.

Guest Mary Aspinwall, homeopath and educator, details two golden rules of homeopathic prescribing – the Law of Similars and Minimum Dose and what these mean to the consumer. Mary also discusses how to determine which ailments are safe to treat at home and signs you need professional help. Jenny and Mary conclude with some useful advice on books and courses the listeners may want to pursue.

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Nancy Gahles, D.C., CCH, RSHom(NA)

Director, Health and Harmony Wellness Education

President, National Center for Homeopathy

Columnist, The Wave newspaper
Ask The Experts: Mothering Magazine, Natural

Ordained Interfaith Minister