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Natural Methods To Boost Your Energy

Here are some healthy and natural methods to boost your energy without consuming lots of coffee, energy drinks, taurine or drugs. Taking advantage of the ubiquitous coffee shop will keep you wide awake or wired but your health will suffer in the long term. Take a look at these healthy ideas instead:

  • Pull down your earlobes! It may sound weird but it actually helps you to stay alert and awake if you feel tired
  • Put the lights on! Laziness and fatigue is promoted by darkness and dinginess
  • Get some fresh air as this stirs your senses. Turn up the air conditioning if it is stuffy in the office
  • Roll up and down on your toes because it stimulates your circulatory system delivering oxygen and glucose (fuel) to your whole body
  • If you have an incomplete task then get it done and out of your hair! It is really draining to have lingering projects hanging over your head
  • Look good! Making an extra effort in the morning so that you look and feel good has a magical way of perking you up, especially with the extra compliments flying your way!
  • Get plenty of sleep. At least seven to eight hours kip a night is needed to be fully energised during the day
  • Talk to a friend because a quick conversation with someone you care about can lift your mood
  • Listening to some fast paced music that you enjoy or watching a funny clip can lift your spirits and trigger energy
  • Fruit snacks such as apples, oranges, raspberries and grapefruits are great if you are feeling lethargic
  • Read or watch something that inspires you
  • Do not eat much sugar because it causes sharp fluctuations in energy levels leaving you feeling drained
  • Chewing sugar-free gum makes you feel fresh and revitalised
  • Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. When you become dehydrated your blood volume reduces making you tired. Splash cold water on your face and wrists to make you feel more awake and alert
  • Every couple of hours during your working day make sure you take a break by having a brisk walk or doing some star jumps to get your blood flowing. Any exercise will energise your mind and body
  • Stay organised and plan ahead. Write lists to help you remember things you need to do and when. Keep your home and work space tidy so you do not waste time and energy chasing your tail
  • Take some deep breaths as this reduces stress levels which wear you out. Breathing deeply increases the oxygen in your blood
  • Exercising in the morning sets you up for the day. Try and take thirty minutes of exercise per day which will release lots of endorphins making you feel energised and happy. Doing it in the morning gets your whole day going well
  • Stretch! If you are feeling sleepy with a lack of energy get up and reach towards the sky, twist your torso from side to side then bend over and touch your toes. Yoga exercises are great for reducing lethargy and increasing energy levels
  • Cat naps are good to refresh and revitalise you as long as you do not take them too late in the day
  • Eat less and more often. If you are overweight you will feel tired so try and lose any excess weight. Do not eat meals that are too large and make you feel groggy
  • Eat complex carbohydrates that release their energy slowly. High energy foods include beans, nuts, eggs sunflower seeds, fruit, vegetables and yoghurts
  • Eat lean protein like fish, chicken breasts or lean pork because it keeps you feeling fuller for longer. Lean protein prevents blood sugar spikes so provides a steadier source of energy

You do not have to totally wipe out cups of coffee but you should limit yourself to one cup a day as the rush of energy it provides actually ends up tiring you out

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