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Give Yourself a Natural Energy Boost, with Sustainable Results

Everyone wants more energy. Whether it is because you want to exercise more, focus better at work, or have more quality time with your family, energy is the key to doing everything you want to do without fatigue. But in this day and age, with long work hours and increasing distractions and time demands, it can be hard to get through a normal day without your energy flagging halfway through. And if you do not getenough sleep, it can be even worse.

Faced with this situation, many people turn to energy boosters that are less than natural and which may even be harmful. But the only way to boost your energy in a way that not only is healthy but can also be sustained is to do it so that all your energy-boosting measures play nicely with your body’s systems. In other words, the more natural, the better. And while doing things naturally may not be the quick solution, your long-term efforts will boost your energy in a much more extraordinary way than any unnatural quick energy booster.

If you are seeking to boost your energy naturally, here are some things you can do.

Use existing energy more sanely
Start by making an honest assessment of where your energy now goes, and try to reduce energy expenditure where you do not get much for what you put in. For example, if you spend all day continually checking you email, smartphone, and social networking profile, consider whether you really need to have these things on your brain at all times. Perhaps you could increase your energy efficiency by confining these things to a couple of set periods every day.

Another important step is to reduce the amount of energy expended in stress. Find ways to relax and unwind so that you have outlets for your stress, and you will soon find that your overall energy level is better.

Do a sleep overhaul
If poor energy is a problem, there is little doubt that lack of good sleep is one of the most important factors, even if you do not realize it. Many people think that if they get a decent five to six hours a night, then they should be okay. But over the long term, few people can maintain a high level of energy on so little sleep. Take a close look at your current habits and try to find things you can do not only to lengthen your sleep but also to make it better.

Exercise and improve your diet
There are several energy-related benefits to exercise. One is that it improves your metabolism, helping your body to function more efficiently, which frees up energy. Another is that it improves your self esteem and makes you more comfortable with your body, which has an all-around energy-boosting effect.

For many of the same reasons, diet cannot be overlooked. Eating well keeps your body and mind sharp and gives you the fuel you need to stay ticking through the day. Start with a medium-sized breakfast rich in the types of food that provide energy slowly through the day, and keep the rest of your meals small and natural. Try different eating patterns to find the one that seems to best help you avoid flagging energy through the day. For example, you mind find that eating five small meals a day is better for your system than eating three larger ones. This may involve months of experimentation, but the effort is worth it.

By Jamell Andrews

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