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Health & Harmony – The Business of Being You

By Dr. Nancy Gahles

It is a complicated and heady experience, this business of being you. First of all, there is no clearly defined job description. Secondly, if you did manage to figure one out for yourself, it has the nasty propensity to keep changing just when you think you had it down pat.

It seems that just when you think you can start to coast a bit, change happens. All in a dither, you begin again to sort out the chaos, troubleshooting once again until the innate problem solver emerges and the crises passes.

And so life goes until it becomes a wearying experience. Depressing, for some, as the same old trials and tribulations arise over and over again. This is a red flag for sure that the business of being you is not yielding the returns you had anticipated.

The given is that you ARE you and that cannot be changed. You can rail at all the external factors that have caused you the grief you are suffering, and that may palliate your feelings for a while.  The fact is that unless and until you take charge of your own business, you will never be free to be all that you can be.

Creating a business plan for yourself can be as simple as outlining the top three goals, ideas, plans or visions for your life that you would like to achieve. IF you KNEW that you could attain these conditions in life, what would that look like for you?

Create a time of day where you can be in a quiet space for 20 minutes. Arrange an area for you to be in comfort.  Surround yourself with objects or pictures that make you happy. Pictures of relatives or friends who supported you and loved you unconditionally are wise choices. Awards, trophies or certificates of achievement that reflect times where you excelled in a particular endeavor are wonderful reflective pieces. Select a candle to focus on and a particular scent that evokes feelings of serenity. A small bowl of water that can be used to cleanse and bless yourself should be placed in front of you.

The business of being you begins when you set the stage and show up for the performance. Getting down to business is as easy as taking your place and inhaling your first breath. Just like being born. The first breath affirms the reality of embodied consent. Your job description can come to fruition by reflecting on statements like this:

I am me and I am part of this world by my own design and consent. I am the boss of myself. I create the business of my life by choosing those ideas that use my talents most effectively for my own good and the good of all. I choose products and services that fulfill my potential and a need in this world. I show up for my business every day filled with the excitement of possibilities to express myself. I attract like minded individuals into my business and create sustainable networks. The business of being me includes creating a healthy environment in my body, emotions and spirit. I am me and I create the most profitable business in my time simply by being me.

As the tides of time and fortune shift, your business will be able to sustain losses when you are invested in yourself and fully diversified. Diversification is born of an inner knowing of who you are, where your susceptibilities and your strengths lie. Invest for the short term in your most susceptible areas and keep your powder dry for the long haul with regard to your strengths.

Each and every day, take your seat at the head of the boardroom table and, as CEO of yourself, go over your balance sheet and make an assessment of you.  What needs to be changed, what can stay the same, what do you have to let go of and who has to be fired?

The business of being you should be the greatest adventure you will ever take. As with all businesses, it requires care and attention to details. The boss can’t be away from the business for long periods of time for when the cat is away, the mice will play and you may return to a shell of a business.  Bankruptcy of body, mind, emotions and spirit only occurs when you haven’t shown up for work.

The business of being you is created each and every day when you take those 20 minutes and check in.  That is when “plerk” begins. Plerk is the combination of play and work. When your work becomes your play then you are “plerking” and that, my friends, is the ultimate success in the business of being you!

May The Blessings be!
Nancy Gahles, D.C., CCH, RSHom(NA)

Director, Health and Harmony Wellness Education

President, National Center for Homeopathy

Columnist, The Wave newspaper
Ask The Experts: Mothering Magazine, Natural

Ordained Interfaith Minister