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Hemorrhoids Symptoms And Preventive Measures

Hemorrhoids is a “shamed” from the standard point of view illness, still is one of the most widespread. 40 % of references to doctors concerning intestines are connected to hemorrhoids. Proctologists consider, that 70 % of people sooner or later face hemorrhoids symptoms. And if you sit before a computer all days long, the probability to catch hemorrhoids is greater.

What is hemorrhoids? Hemroidal units are in an organism of each person. They are the crimps of a mucous membrane of an anal channel. In addition to muscles’s action they provide deduction of feces. When in rest hemroidal units participate in blocking of anal channel of intestines. At defecation the pimples should smooth out to prevent the passage of feces. Stagnation of venous blood and an excessive exerting may cause breaking the position of units, they slip downwards together with a mucous membrane. Thus, there is a reorganization and infringement of blood supply, it results in increase of the size of hemroidal units and ledging outside.

All risk! Each of us can get hemorrhoids. Those especially risk who:

  • Conducts a sedentary way of life, including working behind a computer;
  • Suffers locks, adiposity;
  • Likes to drink much
  • Eats smoked, sharp, salty, spicy foods;
  • Practicing anal sex;
  • Is engaged in a serious kind of sports dealing with heavy weights

When hemorrhoids the following basic symptoms are characteristic:

  • A bleeding at defecation (having found out this symptom you should consult a doctor as soon as possible)
  • An itch, burning in the field of back pass
  • Feeling of an alien body, feeling of weight
  • Loss of units from gut
  • Pain at defecation, walking and when sitting

More on symptoms here:

These are the true signs of hemorrhoids – varicose expansions of veins in a gut. Allocate different kinds of hemorrhoids, depending on an arrangement of units, developing and a stage of disease.


If the patient complaints of hemorrhoids (anal bleeding, discomfort, an itching or burning), any doctor is obliged to carry out minimal practological diagnostics. The diagnosis is made by examining the anus and anal canal.

Preventive measures.

Observance of an underwritten recommendations will allow to avoid hemorrhoids even if you sitting at a computer all days long and if they has already appeared – to ease the illness and reduce painful aggravations.

  • An eutrophy: high fibre diet and bulk prevents constipation.
  • Restriction of alcohol drinks and spicy food
  • Defecation hygiene
  • Physical exercises – hypodynamia preventive

Hemorrhoids treatment

Be not engaged in self-treatment!!!

The diagnosis “hemorrhoids” should be confirmed with an expert – there can be more serious diseases hiding under a mask of a hemorrhoids.

How to treat hemorrhoids?

Methods of hemorrhoids treatment can be conservative (therapeutic) and operative (hemroidal units removed by a surgeon). Conservative methods are applied more often. If symptoms are mild, the first episode of thrombosed external hemorrhoids may respond to a conservative treatment strategy of sitz baths (immersion in warm water for 15 to 20 minutes twice daily), stool softening and oral analgesia. Patients with severe or prolonged external hemorrhoids symptoms generally require excision of thrombosed hemorrhoidal tissue under local anesthetic.

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