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Herbs vs. Synthetic Vitamins and Minerals


There is a trend on the market mixing herbs with different ingredients also called the ‘fillers’. Seriously, just look on the label – most Supplements are mixed with herbs…


To make those products more attractive for you. Extra Vitamins, Minerals and other ‘goodies’ are purchased as a bulk. So, when you read the label you see a long list… Yes?

THE UGLY TRUTH IS OUT… Minerals are striped of from the sea-salt and from other sea vegetables. Often, man-made synthetic Vitamins and Minerals are added to your supplements and Health Foods. GENERIC/Synthetic Vitamins and Minerals are inexpensive to make, just as generic drugs. One thing those companies do not understand that HERBS should NEVER be mixed together with isolated Vitamins and Minerals. NEVER!

Bulk products are often not fresh, different product can have a different exp. date and the worse what can happen, when herbs are mixed with them. Herbs are especially sensitive to air exposure so, before the final product is ready herbs are not as potent.


There is only ONE answer to this question: It is not easy to make herbal supplement that works! So, companies are adding other by-products to increase their effectiveness.

Herbs are smart, they know what to do, and in the right hands they are transformed into the work of ART. Herbs works best in the combination – just as gourmet dish… each ingredient is fine but together they are unforgettable. Now you must wonder if your formula is the work of ART too?

Let me help you to answer this burning question, and to help you to draw your own conclusion. I assume that you like your Supplement(s)…

  • Q: How long you are taking them? 1 month, 6 months, 1 year or longer?
  • A: Quite honestly, it makes not difference what Supplement you are taking, if you can’t feel or see results after 1 month, it is time to make decision…
  • Q: Why you are taking them?
  • A: To correct medical condition or, just to maintain your good health?
  • Q: Do you see and/or feel the difference between now, and before you started taking them?
  • A: Good supplement should produce results before month is over – and your blood test should confirm it.
  • Q: Do you want to feel better than you are feeling now?
  • Q: Do you believe there is nothing better than what you are taking at this time?
  • A: So, if you feel so good that you can’t imagine feeling any better – the answer is clear, you should stay with your Supplement but… if you are wondering how much better you could feel – your imagination is going to become a reality right now… right here…

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Bo Jeune-Fille
Background: Alternative Medicine and Biochemistry.
Freelance writer from Europe – Bo Jeune-Fille

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