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How Living Naturally Boosts Your Health

There are many obvious benefits to living a natural lifestyle. It is better for the world, it makes you a better global citizen, it enriches your experience, and it allows you to live in a manner that is in line with your values. But when it comes to health, many of the benefits of living naturally are often overlooked. Sure, we all know that eating well in a natural way is great for your health, but the benefits do not end there. Here are some of the main ways in which living naturally can give you a health boost.

Unplugging makes you more active
These days, there is almost no one who can go a day without using the web and receiving emails. Plus many of us are so tied to our smartphones that we would not know how to get by without them. But while these things may be indispensible to the modern ways of living and doing business, there are great benefits to either reducing how much you use them or setting them aside for extended periods at a time.

When we lump all screen-bearing devices into one category—that is, computers, smartphones, and televisions—and consider them as one, it is staggering how much time they take up in a typical person’s life. Using and enjoying each of these devices is a sedentary activity. Every moment that you spend looking at a screen is a moment that could be spent outdoors being active. So if you make an effort to reduce your usage of these devices, better health will inevitably follow.

Enjoying nature improves health
Living naturally is one thing, but many people who strive to live naturally also enjoy spending a great deal of time in the great outdoors. In fact, many people wish they had much more time for this. But rather than thinking of getting out in nature as an inessential luxury, maybe it is time to think of it as a central component of your health picture.

Being out in nature almost always means getting exercise. It also means stress reduction, and reducing stress always translates into health benefits. Plus, you get a health boost from being out in the sun and the fresh air, and being out in nature often encourages you to avoid bad foods and eat minimally and healthily.

Eating naturally means eating better
If you strive to eat naturally, the most important component of this is cutting out all those highly processed foods that are filled with junk and have almost no nutritional value. These simply have no place in the natural lifestyle, so anyone committed to living this way gets an instant health boost from that. It also means skipping fast food and other dining options where sustainability is not a priority.

Meanwhile, eating naturally encourages you to educate yourself abut what you are eating and to be a little more adventurous with the things you will try. People who eat naturally tend to frequent farmers markets, where many local, difficult-to-find types of produce are often available. All in all, eating naturally and organically encourages you to think more carefully about what you eat, and the more carefully you approach food, the better your diet will be.

By Marc Courtiol

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