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Natural Treatment for Yeast Infections

By Sandra Greene

Yeast infection can be a painful and embarrassing problem to live with. Further, the OTC medications and prescription drugs are ineffective. The best and the easiest solutions are found in Natural holistic treatment. The root cause of the yeast infection can be addressed this way.

If you are suffering from itching, sores, redness of the genital region, it is likely that you are suffering yeast infection. Yeast infections are occur both in women as well as men. Women might experience a sticky yellow discharge from the vagina with a starch odor. If you observe any of the symptoms of yeast infection, it is important to seek immediate treatment as it causes a lot of physical and emotional strain.

Symptoms of yeast infections:

• Redness and sores in the penis head
• Severe itching of the penis or vaginal area
• Flaking of skin and white patches in the genital area
• Swelling of the vulva region
• Burning pain during urination and sexual intercourse

Treatment for Yeast infection:

The normal course that people take to treat yeast infections is over the counter medications or prescription drugs. Unfortunately, they are very ineffective to treat the root cause of the yeast infection. These medications just provide a temporary relief from the physical symptoms. It is common to find people having recurring chronic yeast infections when they go for these medications.

The right method to cure yeast infections is to resort to holistic home remedies. First, it is important to understand the root cause of yeast infections. We have certain yeasts living in our Gut and intestines called Candida Albicans. These are beneficial to us when present in small quantities. Also, we have certain helper bacteria in our gut that are meant to keep candida in check. But due to some reason, when this candida yeast exceeds in number, it manifests physically as yeast infections causing you all those painful and embarrassing physical symptoms.

Hence, to cure your infection, you need stop your body from playing a good host to yeasts. You need to treat the physical symptoms on the skin as well as the root cause of candida over activity. Some of the home remedies you can follow to control your pain right away are:

1. Apply plain unsweetened Yogurt in the affected area of the skin. The
acidophilus present in curd will fight the yeasts and give you an
instant relief from the itches.
2. Wash the affected region with diluted vinegar. You could either use
a vinegar douche or get into a warm bath tub with water diluted in
vinegar. It is best to use apple cider vinegar for this.
3. Garlic is the best natural anti fungal medication known to man.
Apply garlic paste in the affected region and wash it off. If you are a
woman suffering yeast infections, you could plug a clove of garlic in your
vagina before going to bed.

The above treatment will give you a relief from the physical symptoms of yeast infections. Then by following an anti candida blueprint comprising of diet and lifestyle changes, you can stop your body from playing a good host for yeast infections.

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