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Reflexology – Reaching the Heart Through Your Feet

This article is about Reaching your heart through the feet – and reaching the brain, sinus cavities, glands, stomach, spinal column, reproductive system, etc…

The human body is an amazing work, it never ceases to amaze me, as a Massage therapist I learn new and wonderful things about it almost daily it seams.

Reflexology is an ancient healing art, that was lost for awhile and the

In short we have areas on our feet that correspond with every area on our
body, we also have these points on our hands and to some extent on our ears.

The method we use to practice is as follows:

First we do some really yummy releasing exercises, Reflexology is primarily
gentle touch, which is really the only way to send the signals from our feet upto our body is to do it when our feet are relaxed and more alert.

There are two major methods of performing reflexology, there is finger walking (where your thumb or forefinger walk along different patterns on the foot, but it looks and feels more like it’s trying to wiggle like a worm, it takes some practice to accomplish, but isn’t too hard.) Then there is hooking in and pulling back, where you kind of hook your thumb into a point and scoot it down a little towards the heel.

Another quasi-stroke I find that works well also is if you find a point that’s really congested, you can rotate counter clockwise, in essence it will feel like you’re sending the congestion back up into the body, and for really lose or lack of congestion you can pull energy down to that spot by rotating clockwise – you can recognize by the way it feels – it usually feels hard and/or may have some urine crystals in(bet you didn’t know that uric acid settles in the foot and when you feel little crunchy things in someone’s feet it’s really these crystals)

Of course to practice I would get a good chart of the points on the feet, and also some books for further reading, as there’s a lot more you can learn about reflexology this is just a starting point.

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