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Here is a list of other great health sites:

Natural Holistic Health Blog – Learn how to keep you and your family healthy safely and holistically.

Revistas de Salud – La promoción de la salud y la felicidad a través de la dieta, el ejercicio y las artes curativas.

Use Nature – Natural Health & Lifestyle Directory – Your One-Stop Body – Mind – Spirit – Resource >> find Practitioners, Clinics, Products, Colleges, Peace initiatives, Articles, Self Help and more…

Breast Friends – a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for breast cancer patients.

BetterU, Inc – Personal Training, Health, Fitness, Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Exercise and more!

Linnea Lenkus – Fine Art Portrait Studios.

HerbMed – an interactive, electronic herbal database – provides hyperlinked access to the scientific data underlying the use of herbs for health.

The Institute for Bodymind Integration – Training Center for Postural and Energetic Integration Psychotherapy.

Baby Gas Treatment – Treatments to relieve baby’s gas discomfort.

Infant Colic Relief – Colic Calm gripe water provides natural relief of infant colic, gas and hiccups.

Parenting Journals – Promoting happy and healthy families. Tips, articles and resources for parents and children.

Reflux Defense – The definitive guide for naturally eliminating heartburn, curing GERD and other gastric ailments.

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