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Sexual Energy – A Natural Healing Source

By Alexey Kuzmin

Sex is good for you. No one will deny this, we all know that good sex is a positive thing in our lives. But did you know that sexual practices have been prescribed by doctors to restore good health and maintain it?

We are not talking about Western medicine, of course. In our culture sex is still seen as pleasurable leisure and entertainment and it would be obscene to prescribe it as a remedy in a serious medical environment. In the east, however, the attitude has been very different .We are talking about traditional Chinese medicine here. The Chinese medicine is based on the concept of biological energy, its practitioners are experts on the canals through which that energy flows and a are able to correct the flow of energy with different techniques, such as acupuncture, acupressure, herbs, and a variety of exercises. Their medical knowledge, even though completely opposed to the Western concepts, has been recognised by Western medicine, and has kept this most populous nation on the planet in good health for millennia.

Less known however is the sexual branch of Chinese medicine. Taoist knowledge speaks of sexual energy, which is a completely different frequency of bioenergy to chi. It is raw, primordial, a lot more powerful and a lot less domesticated than chi. The movement of sexual energy is what is behind our sexual interactions but that sexual energy can also be accessed in other ways. Ancient Chinese doctors saw sexual energy as one of our most potent resources for well-being on all levels.

Just like chi, sexual energy moves along certain universal laws, it has its storage reservoirs and channels to flow through. Just like chi it interacts with all of our aspects – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. There are ways to enhance its flow and to impede it. Those ancient doctors saw the grooming of sexual energy is an indispensable element of ensuring good health, and longevity. They would make very serious recommendations on how the sexual act should proceed and which sexual practices would make it harmful to health, and they were prescribe specific sexual practices and positions for specific ailments. In recent centuries, however, this knowledge had gone more underground but fortunately it is beginning to resurface again.

The techniques of looking after your sexual energy are now available to everyone and, what’s more, anyone can practice these techniques at home with their partners and take advantage of this incredibly positive and powerful force for our own well-being while enjoying our sex life even more than before. The techniques are out there and we can all open this natural healing source inside ourselves. What is needed, however, it is a revolution in the attitude to sex. We would be wise to listen to the ancient Chinese masters of natural medicine and start viewing our sexuality as more than just fun and entertainment, but an important aspect of our well-being which, when neglected or misused, can harm our entire system, and when harmonised with and approached with respect and wisdom, can become one of our most valuable sources.

Author Bio: Alexey Kuzmin has been working in the field of sexual energy bodywork for many years, treating a wide range of sexual disorders and educating couples on massage techniques they can apply at home. He currently works in London UK and Spain and more information about sexual energy is available on London Tantric Massage.

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