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Shamanic Journeying and Animal Healing Workshop

Students learn core concepts of shamanic journeying used in animal healing during Hawaiian workshop led by shamanic healer and animal communicator, Carla Person.

Phoenix, AZ – Animal communication through shamanic journeying allows animal care givers to communicate with and infuse animals with healing love. Carla Person, a pioneer in shamanic animal communication and healing, will lead the two-day workshop on August 15-16, 2008 in Kona, Hawaii.

During the first day of the workshop, students will learn to communicate with animals through shamanic journeys. Each student will meet their personal spirit guides and loving ancestors who will connect them to and facilitate the conversations with their animals. Students will learn how to:

–Learn to communicate with the spirits of living animals, exchanging information and establishing a heart connection.

–Discover and deepen your relationship with your spirit power animal; your personal guide and teacher.

–Connect with animals who have crossed over, and offer healing to the people they left behind.

–Learn about using shamanic healing for treatment of physical and emotional problems.

“Most people have verifiable communication experiences within the first few hours of our workshop,” said Person. “These loving spirits will guide each student in their personal life too providing advice, empowerment and protection.”

The second day students will experience shamanic healing power, and request the compassionate spirits that they work with to remove the animal’s pain and suffering, and infuse them with healing love. “The results can be astounding and immediate!” said Person.

“Hawaii’s ancestors and spirit guides who inhabit this wondrous island will be honored and welcomed to help provide love-filled guidance and wisdom during the workshop,” said Person.

In addition to the two-day workshop, Person is also leading the one-day Experience the Spiritual Connection of the Reef class open to the two-day workshop students. Through a day of snorkeling and shamanic journeying, Person will teach how to communicate with Hawaii’s fish and reef life. “By connecting with the ancient spirits that underlie this ecosystem, you’re able to expand your awareness of all life,” said Person.

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About Carla Person: Carla Person is a renowned shamanic healer, explorer and author. A true pioneer, Carla has explored and created a shamanic method for communicating with animals. She teaches teleclasses worldwide and live workshops. Carla provides an insight to shamanic healing and animal communication through her blog To learn more about Carla visit or

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