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Smart Drinkers

CONSIDERING how much stupidity has been perpetrated under the influence of alcohol, it may come as a surprise to learn that Japanese researchers recently reported that moderate drinking is associated with a higher IQ.

Scientists at Japan’s National Institute for Longevity Sciences tested the loss of 2,000 people. They found a slight increase in 10 among the moderate drinkers, defined as those who drank less than 540 milliliters (nearly a pint) of sake or wine every day.

Before you uncork a bottle, this does not necessarily mean that drinking alcohol boosts brainpower. The study establishes a connection between drinking and intelligence, not a cause effect relationship In other words, moderate alcohol use may improve some aspect of brain function; it’s highly possible that smarter people simply manage to limit their alcohol consumption better. You could say that being smart translates into drinking smart.

In either case, the Japanese study contributes to the growing mass ci research showing That modest drinking seems to bear a number of health benefits. But heed this: Heavy drinkers in the study had lower loss.