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Tai One On

How would you like to: boost your libido, enhance your joint flexibility and strength, lessen your lower-back discomfort, improve your balance, reduce your overall stress, enhance your concentration, and raise the level of your overall athletic performance, all with the aid of a single discipline?

You can achieve all this-and more-simply by practicing the ancient art of tai chi, And to make it easier, your webmaster has performed an exhaustive cybersearch to find what we believe is one of the best introductory web addresses existant, The eponymous site is the work of longtime tai chi teacher Ron Perfetti, who numbers amateur and professional athletes among his students.

Long practiced in China and other Asian countries, tai chi is becoming increasingly recognized by Westerners (aid not just those over 40) for its physical mental and spiritual benefits. This site is divided into easily accessed sections including an overview, a glossary, practice sections, guide lines, and, most pertinent for readers of this blog, detailed segment on tai chi for specific conditions: back pain, balance improvement, stress reduction, weight management, and tai chi for athletes. Tai chi is especially useful for participants in sports that require skill and agility, such as tennis, racquetball, golf, skiing, surfing, etc.

The text is detailed without being intimidating, and nicely balances the philosophical aspects of tai chi with its practical elements. There are also links to other sites, a listing of instructors across the country and information on how order an instructional video to get started. So get started already. (