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Train Your Brain As Well As Your Body!

Keeping your brain as well as your body active is very important and there are ways to boost your brain power that will keep you clever for years to come.

Keep Thinking!

You can slow down the age process down by keeping the brain active through concentration and memory exercises. Puzzles or learning a new language are good brain exercises and help to keep minds alert because they are challenging. Socialising is an easy way to improving mental and physical health. A busy social life means you are spending time with lots of people who remind of you things and bring new ideas to you. Psychologists say that any neurological impairment can be overcome more easily if you have a busy social life.

Eat Well!

Food affects our weight and it also has a vital impact on our brains. There has been a large increase in mental illnesses recently like memory loss, schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease. Scientists have discovered a link between this increase and a lack of omega-3 oils and in particular DHA which is really important for brains to be able to function at their optimum levels. Our bodies cannot produce it so we need to include it in our diets by taking supplements or eating more fish. People take cod liver oil supplements just for this purpose, to enhance their brains’ functionality and development. It also helps improve behaviour, moods and concentration. Foods such as salmon, cod and also walnuts and linseeds are high in omega-3s.

Keep Physically Active!

Regular exercise is often practised by people to help them keep their bodies looking as fit and youthful as possible but it also does wonders for the brain. The blood that flows to the brain slowly decreases as we get older but regular exercise gets our hearts and circulation pumping which can counter this decrease and also reduces the risk of strokes. You need to focus when you work out too to make sure you are positioning your body correctly and this means you are working out your brain too. Using your whole body to make dynamic movements increases your use of proprioceptors which are sensors in your body that detect spatial awareness and movement. Proprioceptors link the brain and body so the more they are used, the stronger that link becomes.

Get A Good Night’s Sleep!

Consistent sleepless nights can cause many physical ailments beginning with a weakened immune system. Sleep deprivation has been compared to alcohol consumption by some in terms of memory loss, reduced concentration and slower reactions. Rest, sleep and doing nothing are really good for your brain and are vital for repair and recovery for your physical and mental health. If you have the odd restless night do not worry but do try and get at least eight hours sleep a night if you want to feel alert during the day when you are making decisions and managing your time.

By Eirian Hallinan

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