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Try Steps to Naturally Avoid Getting Sick

You have probably noticed that some people tend to get sick more often than others. It would be tempting to dismiss this as a matter of luck were it not for the fact that all-around healthy people tend to more or less avoid the common illnesses. Meanwhile, people who do not take good care of themselves, who smoke, eat poorly, or fail to exercise, tend to get colds and flus at least a few times a year. It is an undeniable trend. So what are the sickness-free people doing right, and how can we be like them?

Better diet
The main thing that people who avoid illness have in common is that they only put healthy things into their body. In general, the more rigorous one is in maintaining dietary purity, the less sickness one encounters. Stay away from foods that introduce toxins and strange chemicals into the body, and rely instead on naturally grown foods that are largely free of pesticides and preservatives.

The most healthy people eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, which contain all kinds of vitamins and minerals that boost the immune system and help fight off viruses and infections. Meanwhile, consuming too many sugars tends to weaken the body and turn it against itself, making you more vulnerable to illnesses.

Physical activity
Getting exercise daily keeps the body running fresh. When you do not move around at all, the body tends to run less efficiently. The metabolism slows down, toxins tend to build up, and you are not at your maximum strength. When your body is strong and fit, viruses are no match for it.

Mental balance
One thing that people with strong immune systems have in common is that they seem to be more or less stress-free in their lives. Numerous studies have shown that there really is a link between stress and frequency of illness, although the exact biological mechanism for this link has not been explained. It is believed, however, that minimizing stress, finding ways to relax, and laughing frequently strengthens the heart, and a strong heart is the secret to a good immune system.

Herbal remedies
The pharmaceutical industry has undoubtedly done some great things when it comes to fighting illness and staying healthy, but manufactured pharmaceuticals do not provide all the answers. The body responds much more positively to herbal remedies that come straight from nature. For example, drinking green tea every day has been shown to give the immune system a boost, and there are numerous herbal supplements that can help improve your overall health outlook. Used well, herbs can go a long way in helping fend off illness.

Sleep well
The body does much of its work during those roughly six to eight hours a day when you are asleep. If you shortchange yourself when it comes to sleep, it affects all the body’s system, not least the immune response. Give your body a chance to do its work by sleeping eight hours a day. Make it a priority, even if it means sacrificing a few nonessential activities.

Anyone who is interested in natural health knows that there are innumerable fad detoxes that are supposed to work wonders for the body. While some of these detoxes do have beneficial effects, you do not actually need to make a big fuss about it. Keep it simple. For a two- to three-day span every month or so, simplify your diet to the most basic organic fruits and whole grains, and drink nothing but water (lots of it), green tea, and pure fruit juice. This helps flush out all those toxins that wear down the immune system.

By Lisa Pecos

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