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Water the Anti-Smart Drink?

ANYONE who has read this blog more than once knows that we promote the importance of water for both mental and physical performance with a cold, steely consistency. But science that mercurial harridan with aces up her sleeve has discovered a circumstance in which mental efficiency is actually hampered by a tall, cold glass of H20.

According to researchers at the University of Bristol in Bristol, England, people who were thirsty and drank cold water prior to a cognitive test performed 10 percent better than test takers who didn’t drink any water. But when subjects weren’t thirsty and drank the chilled water anyway, their test scores actually dropped by 15 percent.

The researchers speculated that the temperature of the water may have had something to do with the results, because the body has to divert resources to the stomach to warm chilled water. In any case, staying fully hydrated- with at least six to eight cups of water a day is still extremely important, especially when you exercise. Just try not to think too much.